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Thursday, 27/04/2017
Thursday, 27/04/2017
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Aqua-Stop Mattress Pad

Aqua-Stop Mattress Pad£14.95   £12.95


Freshim/Fresher£8.21   £4.50

Freshim & Fresher pocket sized personal deodorants

ID Flavoured Juicy Lube 108ml

ID Flavoured Juicy Lube 108ml£15.95   £9.00

Available in 6 amazingly fruity flavours!

ID Glide 30ml

ID Glide 30ml£7.40   £4.95

ID Sensation 30ml

ID Sensation 30ml£7.40   £4.95

ID Stimulating Gel for her - Mild (15ml)

ID Stimulating Gel for her - Mild (15ml)£12.99   £9.95

ID Stimulating Gel for her - Wild (15ml)

ID Stimulating Gel for her - Wild (15ml)£13.00   £9.95

Masque Oral Sex Strips

Masque Oral Sex Strips£4.99   £1.00

Exciting new product - Designed for those that don't like the taste of semen....

Orgasm Gel 50ml

Orgasm Gel 50ml£14.99   £6.95

SLUBE-Black Leather

SLUBE-Black Leather£19.99   £17.99

SLUBE-Custard Yellow

SLUBE-Custard Yellow£19.99   £17.99

SLUBE-Emerald Green

SLUBE-Emerald Green£19.99   £17.99

SLUBE-Erotic Blue

SLUBE-Erotic Blue£19.99   £17.99

SLUBE-Risque Red

SLUBE-Risque Red£19.99   £17.99

Total Curve Breast Capsules

Total Curve Breast Capsules£52.45   £34.95

Total Curve Breast Cream

Total Curve Breast Cream£52.45   £34.95

Uberlube 'Good to Go' Silicone Lube

Uberlube 'Good to Go' Silicone Lube£11.99   £8.00

Uberlube 50ml

Uberlube 50ml£14.99   £9.99

Uberlube Good to Go Silicone Lube 15ml

Uberlube Good to Go Silicone Lube 15ml£11.99   £8.00

Uberlube Sample Sachet 3ml

Uberlube Sample Sachet 3ml£0.50