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Men and women are different, and it's that way for a reason! Don't get frustrated with your partner for not having the same sexual feelings at exactly the same time as you...We are all different and that's what makes it fun!!!!

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The differences are clear when it comes to orgasms and sexual pleasure — and there's a scientific explanation behind it. 

For men, the time between the idea of sex and their ability to orgasm is 2.8 minutes.

"For women, the average time is just over 14 minutes," Dr. Phil explains, joking that men are left with about 12 minutes during which time they need to think of something to do!

This is why extra stimulation or longer foreplay for women is important so both partners are satisfied and lead a healthy sex life. This stimulation can be achieved a number of ways either prior, during or after intercourse.

·         A build up of stimulating foreplay prior to intercourse is necessary. This can be achieved with intimate caressing, kissing foreplay or extra stimulation with oral sex, finger stimulation of female erogenous zones or a vibrating device.

·         Direct stimulation to the clitoris just prior and throughout sex with the use of a cock ring, vibrating cock ring or finger tip bullet vibrator.

·         Prolonged stimulation to the female genitals following ejaculating of the male in order for women to reach climax and ensure both partners are fully satisfied. Arousal Tips

1. Be Confident Confidence goes a long way. There's no bigger turn off for a woman than a guy who doesn't believe in his own abilities. If you don't have confidence, then you have to fake it until you DO have confidence. All it is, at its most basic form, is an incredibly strong belief in your own abilities. Know that you are going to give her the greatest level of pleasure she has ever received. Think about how you are going to absolutely rock her world. KNOW that you are going to be the best she's ever had... and let her know that you know. Even just thinking about it and believing it will make you broadcast thousands of signals, subconsciously, in your body language, tone of voice and so on, that she will pick up on, again, completely subconsciously. Taking an Erection Pill prior to activity will give you all the confidence you need to perform until she is fully satisfied.

2. Give Her a Massage As much as it may sound like a cheesy 80's tactic, massages are fantastic to get her in the mood. For a start, it will relax her, making sure that she's in a receptive mood for your efforts to seduce her. Start with her shoulders and neck, and move down her back. For killer results, have her laying on the bed topless, face down. Straddle her while you are doing it. When you're in a position where your face is close to her back, just breathe on her, around her neck and shoulders. The combination of your hands and your hot breath will drive her wild. Why not try our lubricants for this?

3. Take a Shower Together Often women can be hesitant to indulge in sexual activities because they're afraid of how they smell, especially "down there". To combat this, try taking a shower together. You can lather each other up and make out in the shower. You could always do it in the shower, but watch the hot water levels... It's a bit of a mood-killer when you get blasted with ice-cold water in the middle of having great sex. Even if you start off in the shower gently washing and fondling each other then move into the bedroom to continue making love.

4. Pleasure Her With out Expecting Her to Return the Favour If you don't usually finger or go down on your partner for the sole purpose of giving her pleasure (ie. not asking for anything in return) then there's no better time to start. Get her naked, lie her down on the bed and explore her body. Even if she wasn't aroused when you start doing this, most women find having a tongue in their vagina is quite the turn on. If you let her know that you like and get off on pleasing her, she’s more likely to respond in an eager passionate way.

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